Happenings At Hindmarsh
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Don't Walk By NSW Showcase - Falling Objects

Recently the Hindmarsh NSW Project Teams came together to take part in our quarterly ‘Don’t Walk By’ showcase event. This quarter saw the teams focus on ‘Preventing Falling Objects’.

Falling objects are one of the main causes of incidents in the workplace. The most commonly dropped objects include:

  • walls being demolished.
  • materials stored or stacked improperly at the workplace.
  • construction debris or waste materials.
  • tools dropped from height.
  • scaffolding components, including building materials falling from the scaffold.
  • stacked items blown off roofs during high winds.

The teams took part in a variety of interactive workshops, wrapping up with a BBQ and a chance to share what they had learnt with their peers.

MATES in Construction NSW were invited to provide additional information and support around mental health, and drug, alcohol and gambling addiction and what resources there are to help anyone effected.

Craig Young, Hindmarsh SQE Manager said, “At Hindmarsh we believe that instilling a better understanding of safety best practices entrusts everyone to take ownership of their safety and the safety of their colleagues. This sense of empowerment fosters a collaborative, responsible and proactive working environment. Thank you to everyone who took part and made the showcase such a success. Special thanks to Brad Parker CEO, and Andrew Bate Field Officer from Mates In Construction NSW for providing some really useful advice and support tools.”