Hindmarsh Capital works in collaboration with key Australian Institutions to build exceptional investment portfolios.

Significant Early Venture Capital (SEVC)

Equity Investments

The driving force behind the Hindmarsh investment portfolios, a strategic partnership with public institutions and private investors.

Equity Investments (ACT) Pty Limited is the investment arm of the Hindmarsh. Equity Investments (EI) acts as both the manager of the investment funds portfolio and is an active investor. To-date EI has successfully managed several venture capital funds and business development funds including:

  • Significant Early Venture Capital (SEVC)
  • ACVL Pty Limited (Australian Capital Ventures)
Significant Early Venture Capital - Hindmarsh

Significant Early Venture
Capital (SEVC)

With over two decades of investment in building capability in research and universities, Australia now enjoys some of the most extraordinary talent and globally leading minds. This talent creates knowledge and has the capacity of solving some of the big problems of our time. But, if we can’t take this know-how and intellect into the world, then this brilliance is lost and the opportunity we have will remain just that – an opportunity.

SEVC is our current venture capital funds management company – owned in equal share by Equity Investments (EI) and the Australian National University (ANU). SEVC’s first fund is the Significant Early Venture Capital Fund, a registered Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP). The fund’s General Partners are EI and the ANU and the Limited Partner investors include EI and the ANU, together with five (5) other universities and 36 other high net worth investors.

Hindmarsh Capital - Equity Investment

Australian Capital Ventures

ACVL Pty Limited (Australian Capital Ventures)
ACVL is our legacy venture capital funds management company, which historically managed three funds and is now in divestment. The most significant managed fund was the Canberra Business Development Fund, an equal share joint venture between EI and the ACT Government. ACVL began operation in 2002 and invested over $20.5m into 17 pre-seed and seed Canberra ventures. Some of ACVL’s success stories include:

Hindmarsh Development - The Brougham, SA

Property Funds

Hindmarsh currently manage four (4) property funds, with key strategic partners, as part of our investment portfolio. These funds are:

  • Iskia Investment Fund
  • Broughman Investment Fund
  • SeventyOne Debt Fund
  • Woden Green Investment Fund

Each fund is related to a Hindmarsh residential development.