Margaret Hendry School Expansion:

Project Overview

This project involves the expansion of existing facilities at Margaret Hendry (MH) to cater for an additional 450 Long Term Enrolment (LTE) students (up to 600 at peak capacity). A new two (2) level Learning Community facility (Building F) will be constructed incorporating General Learning Settings, Specialist Learning Settings and Small Group Programs.

An additional 140+ parking spaces will be delivered through the construction of a new parking facility and alterations to existing structures. A new bike store will also be installed near Building B.

Building B, which houses the current administration offices and library, will be demolished internally, and reconfigured, including structural changes, installation of a new entrance, and roof upgrades.

$ 30M
ACT Education Directorate
Delivery Model
Design & Construct
600 Student Capacity School

Key Features

  • Sensitive 'Live' site refurbishment methodology
  • 600 Long Term Enrolment (LTE) student capacity increase
  • Sustainability by design features
    including 250kW solar system
  • Proactive stakeholder engagement program

The Hindmarsh Difference

Sustainability by Design

The roof upgrades will include the installation of a 150kW solar photovoltaic system and associated battery storage to provide the school with 250kW overall. The array will be connected to the onsite Building Management System (BMS) to provide automated reports to meet the requirements of the Clean Energy Regulator.

Detailed staged works

The upgrades to Building B will be staged, with temporary accommodation set up for administration staff, teachers, and students. Proactive stakeholder engagement will be implemented to limit disruption during these ‘live’ site works, with a target for operational readiness for the 2023 school year.