Innovation: Permanent formwork thermal camera implementation

Project Update
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Hindmarsh ACT Team bust out the thermal camera.

The construction industry is an ever-evolving landscape as builders, and clients look for quicker, safer cost-effective solutions.

Recently, anyone visiting the North Gungahlin High School project would have seen the Hindmarsh team operating a very interesting piece of equipment – a thermal camera.

Permanent formwork systems have become an attractive alternative to conventional masonry block, precast concrete and in situ building methods in Australia. Unlike temporary formwork, permanent formwork stays in place acting as an additional stabiliser. In a nutshell, the process uses hollow panels in place of traditional block and brick work. These hollow panels are then filled with concrete, remaining in place forming a permanent structure.

The trick has been to ensure that the concrete poured into these prefabricated panels is evenly distributed and fills the system entirely. Any gaps can create future structural and fire safety issues – often requiring extensive remediation works. This is where the thermal camera comes in.

By scanning the panels as the concrete is poured, you can immediately identify any gaps that may have occurred. This real-time Quality Assurance (QA) process provides peace-of-mind for all involved, ensuring a high-quality build finish.

Once complete, the North Gungahlin High School will host 800 Year 7-10 students. Find out more on the project profile.