Award Winning Excellence: ANU Physics secures MBA Project of the Year

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ANU Physics wins MBA Project of the Year at MBA Awards ACT.

Hindmarsh are very pleased to announce that we have won two ACT Master Builders awards, including the coveted ‘Project of the Year’ for the Australian National University (ANU) Physics building.

On Friday 9th September Hindmarsh were ecstatic to be awarded the 2022 Master Builders and Asset Construction (MBA) Hire Award for the Project Displaying Technical Difficulty or Innovation and to win the Project of the Year for the state-of-the-art ANU Physics Facility in Canberra.

When asked about what the awards means to Hindmarsh, Rowan Hindmarsh CEO said “This is a huge achievement by all involved. Over the last five (5) years, from the initial bidding stages to final commissioning, Hindmarsh have worked closely with ANU, the local community, and key stakeholders to deliver this world-class educational and research facility.

In my experience, projects of this calibre only come around once every decade or so. I am delighted that Hindmarsh was given the opportunity to deliver this project and continue our collaborative partnership with ANU.

Our relationship with ANU was started by my father John Hindmarsh AM and spans back before the new millennium. Over the last two decades, Hindmarsh have worked closely with ANU to design, build, refurbish and deliver over 25 projects, securing over 30 industry awards across their exceptional campus.

As a family owned and operated business these types of long-term relationships mean the world to the whole Hindmarsh family, and are built on open, honest communication and trust.

The project team, subcontractors and all the suppliers who took ANU Physics from a concept to a multi-award-winning project should all feel exceptionally proud of themselves. On behalf of the whole Hindmarsh family, thank you to all of you for your hard work and dedication.”

To find out more about all the projects Hindmarsh have worked on with ANU, please visit 

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ANU Physics
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