Darwin Waterfront Car Park, NT

Project Overview

The six-level Darwin Waterfront Carpark provides 500 parking bays as part of the Northern Territory Governments multi-faceted Darwin City Waterfront Redevelopment initiative to revitalize the Darwin harbour area.

Hindmarsh were chosen to deliver this design and construct project in partnership with tender specialist consultants who worked in collaboration with government representatives to deliver the most cost-effective solution.

During this process the proposed basement was 'designed out' as were the mechanical services providing serious cost savings without impacting on parking numbers or the amenity of the facility. A decorative perforated facade was provided to the three open sides of the building to provide screening without interfering with natural ventilation.

$ 11M
Northern Territory Government
Delivery Model
Design & Construct
500 Parking Bays

Key Features

  • Decorative perforated facade to
    provide aesthetical airflow
  • Project cost reduction driven by collaborative design
  • Efficient building design and construction
  • Six levels - 500 Carpark spaces
Darwin Waterfront Car Park, NT

The Hindmarsh Difference

Specialist Expertise

Throughout the design process Hindmarsh called on the expertise of Ezipark, the legacy Hindmarsh carpark business, who were responsible for the design of some of the most efficient and cost-effective parking solutions in the country.

Simplicity by design

This large-scale screen artwork transforms the multi-storey car park into a visual statement greeting visitors at the entrance to the Darwin Waterfront. It was designed by Mandy Ridley as a response to the artist’s experience of visiting Darwin and encountering an extraordinary range of stimuli; the physical environment and the rich social and cultural make-up of the city and populations.