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Don't Walk By showcase events in QLD

Hindmarsh takes a proactive approach to safety as a core value. Our ‘Don’t Walk By’ campaign focuses on safety best practices, by providing our site teams with content toolkits, presentation templates, and promotional materials across a wide variety of safety topics.

Recently, the Hindmarsh QLD project sites participated in their quarterly ‘Don’t Walk By’ showcase events. This quarters hot topic focused on ‘Silica Awareness’ and included:

  • Silica Awareness presentations and practical equipment demonstrations.
  • Identification of materials which may contain silica.
  • Content percentage of silica in products.
  • The potential airborne hazards, types of silica controls, workplace health monitoring, training, and the legislation in the QLD.

Our sub-contractor Arnold Electrical also provide expert advice on ‘Electrical Safety’, conducting site wide presentations which included information on:

  • Safe use and handling of power & temporary boards.
  • Lead management.
  • Condition inspection.
  • RCD testing.
  • Electrical licensing.
  • Electric shock emergency.

After the presentations everyone was treated to a BBQ lunch where they chatted and shared ideas around what they had learnt.

Chadd Hume, Hindmarsh State Manager – Construction QLD said, “These types of events are invaluable in ensuring the latest safety information is provided in an engaging way. Don’t Walk By is great at raising awareness and ensuring everyone who enters a Hindmarsh site does so with safety front of mind. The flexibility of the ‘Don’t Walk By Toolkits’ enables our site teams to focus on key safety topics relevant to the current stage of their project. The QLD showcase event was a huge success and well received by all, with over 120 attendees from subcontractors and Hindmarsh staff. Special thanks to Marty Kerwin, Rowan MacDonald, Kirk Cleary and Dion Rowland for making these events a success.”

‘Don’t Walk By’ encourages contractors, clients, and consultants to focus on the core Hindmarsh value – Safety by:

  • Empowering our people to consult and act on contractors’ feedback about overall site safety.
  • Improving positive participation and creating a culture of open, honest communication.
  • Assessing and recounting on subbie participation across the Hindmarsh Safety Framework reporting activities.

‘Don’t Walk By’ signage is installed prominently across Hindmarsh sites as a reminder to everyone to watch out for each other, and report anything that could be unsafe.