Hindmarsh SA front and centre for NAWIC International Women’s Day Leadership Lunch!

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This year’s NAWIC SA International Women’s Day theme was #EmbraceEquity and was held at the Skycity Ballroom.

Hindmarsh invited our highly qualified clients and partners Jess Gould, Julie Duncan, Ruth Carpenter, Nina Switajewski, Courtney Grose, Miranda Centofanti to join our table, along with Hindmarsh SA staff Lucy Eaton, Angela Cogman, Catherine Johnson, Ben Groves, Mark Evans, and Nikki Naidu.

The energy was high, the conversations were thought provoking, and the panellists were generous in sharing their experiences.

Catherine Johnson, Hindmarsh Services Manager, who won the ‘Contribution to Design – NAWIC SA’ award, was one of the panel speakers. The panel included other exceptional Excellence Award 2022 winners Kerry NeilEloise FoaleJenna MacDonald and Shannon Wark.

“When I was initially asked to be on the NAWIC luncheon panel at SkyCity, I felt privileged to be able to present at a NAWIC event in front of 400 people during International Women’s Day celebrations. I shared my experiences in the construction industry, and found it an opportunity to discuss the many facets of my own work-life balance. Particularly being on the complex ANU Physics build (ongoing for over 5 years) and while starting a family now with 2 kids. In this era, everyone on a project has their own life outside of work, and it should be both respected and expected.” Said Catherine.

Nikki Naidu, Hindmarsh NAWIC Representative said, “It has been an absolute privilege to work as a volunteer with NAWIC, I worked with NAWIC ACT previously, and now work with NAWIC SA. I love conversing and sharing ideas and thoughts with some of the brilliant individuals in the industry, I have so much to learn from them, and am glad that I am able to help – although in a very minuscule way to empower women in construction industry. Whilst there’s more work to be done, events like this shine a spotlight on the matter, working towards the goal of creating a fair and equitable future for women.”

Hindmarsh is a proud NAWIC member and keen support of attracting more women into the Construction sector.